Coming Soon!

Below is a list of wonderful products that will soon be available from the same

company that brought you the herbal remedies you trust for your beloved pets!

ClearSkin-A Gel for Skin Disorders and Acne

AdrenoBoost (50ml) for Improved Adrenal Function

AllergiClear Tablets (120) for Natural Relief from Allergies

Aqua-Rite (50ml) – Herbal Remedy for Water Retention and Balanced Blood Pressure

A+ TestCalmer (50ml) – Natural Remedy for Children and Teens to Calm Exam Nerves

Bad Dream Sprinkles (20g) – Natural Remedy to Comfort Night Terrors and Bad Dreams

PureCalm for Anxiety (50ml) – Herbal Formula for Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Be-Dry – Homeopathic Formula for Child Bedwetting

BioVent Drops (50ml) for Natural Relief from Asthma

Triple Complex Brain Tonic (360 tablets) – Proven, safe natural remedy for Difficulties with Concentration and Memory

Triple Complex BronchoSoothe (360 tablets) – Proven, safe natural remedy for Relief from Asthma

BrightSpark (125 tablets) for ADD and ADHD

Candidate (50ml) – The effective herbal treatment for Candidiasis, Yeast Infections and Candida

ComfiCoff (50ml) – Natural Remedy to Ease Throat and Chest Discomfort

Cholesto-Rite (60 caps) – Herbal Formula for Control of Good and Bad Cholesterol

Congesto-K Pillow Spritzer (50ml) – Natural Formula to Keep Airways Clear and Aid Sleep

Congesto-K KiddieRub (50ml) – Chest Massage Oil for Children

Circu-Live (50ml) – Natural Remedy for Circulation Health & Raynaud’s Disease

Crave-Rx Drops (50ml) Herbal Aid for Stopping Smoking

Chikkie Spot Drops (50ml) – Natural Remedy to Soothe Irritability and Calm the Anxious Child

Chikkie Spot Soother (20g tube) – Natural Remedy to Ease Discomfort Associated with Itchy Spots

ClearSkin FaceWash– for Skin Disorders and Acne

CanTravel – Herbal Remedy for Travel and Motion Sickness and Nausea

DeodoRite (125 Tablets) – Natural Remedy for Underlying Causes of Body Odor

Detox Drops (50ml) – Herbal Formula for Body Cleansing and Detoxification

Triple Complex Diabetonic (360 tablets) – Proven, safe natural remedy to keep sugar levels stable and reduce the craving for sweet foods for Diabetes

DigestAssist (50ml) – Herbal Formula for Digestive Disorders and Healthy Digestion

Triple Complex Digestion Tonic (360 tablets) – Proven, safe natural remedy for anyone with Digestive Disorder and Complaints and to Promote Healthy Digestion

Dong Quai – Herbal Remedy for Menopause and PMS

ClearSkin-E Cream – Herbal Remedy for Itchy, Red, Dry, Flaky Skin and Eczema

Ear-Heal Drops (50ml) – Natural Remedy for Ear Infections

Endo-Ex (50ml) – Natural Remedy for Endometriosis

Ear-Ok Drops (30ml) – Natural Remedy for Treating Ear Infections

Epi-Still (50ml) – Natural Remedy for Treating Seizures

Fatigue Fighter (50ml) – Natural remedy to bring life back into your system, Boost Energy Levels and Fight Fatigue

Fertile XX (50ml) – Herbal Formula for Enhanced Female Reproductive Health and Fertility

Fertile XY (50ml) – Herbal Formula for Enhanced Male Fertility

Focus Formula (50ml) for ADHD, Improved Focus and Concentration

Focus ADDult (50ml) for Adult ADD and Improved Mental Focus

Gastronic Dr. (60 caps) – Herbal Formula for Disorders of the Stomach

Gasolve Relief (50ml) – Natural Remedy for Preventing Flatulence, Gas and Belching

High-Rite (60 caps) – Herbal Remedy for High Blood Pressure and Hypertension

Triple Complex HaliTonic – Natural Remedy for Bad Breath and Halitosis

iBaba Colic Formula – Homeopathic Formula for Infant Colic and Digestive Relief

Ikawe (50ml) – Herbal Formula for Enhanced Male Sexual Performance

ImmunityPlus (50ml) – Herbal Formula for Optimum Immune System

Insulate Plus (60 caps) – Natural Remedy for Healthy Living and Diabetes

Itch Dr. (50g) – Natural Cream Remedy for Itching, Thrush, Jock Itch and Pruritis Ani

JointEase Plus (60 tabs) – Natural Relief of Pain and Inflammation in Rheumatism, Fibromyalgia and Arthritis

JuniorSlim (50ml) – Natural Formula for Children to Prevent Weight Gain and Obesity

KiddieBoost (50ml) – Natural Formula for Child’s Immune System Health

KiddieCool (50ml) – Natural Remedy for Children to Calm, Soothe and Reduce Fever

Eddy Ear Sprinkles (125 Tablets) – Natural Remedy for Baby and Child Ear Infections

Kiddie Florish (50ml) – Natural Formula for Children to Promote Healthy Appetite

Kidney Dr. (50ml) for Improving Kidney Health and Functioning

K-OK Kiddie Calmer – Homeopathic Formula for Shyness and Child Anxiety

KiddieVom Sprinkles (20g) – Natural Remedy to Relieve Child Nausea and Vomiting

LegCalm (60 Caps) – Natural Remedy for Periodic Limb Movement & Restless Leg Syndrome

Liver Dr. (50ml) to Improve Liver Health and Functioning

MellowPause (50ml) – Herbal Formula for Relief of Symptoms of Menopause

MemoRise (60 caps) – Natural herbal remedy to Reduce Short and Long Term Loss of Memory

MiGone Plus (50ml) – Herbal Formula for Chronic Headaches and Migraines

MindSoothe Jr. (50ml) – Herbal Formula for Child and Teen Depression

MindSoothe (60 caps) for Anxiety, Insomnia and Depression

Triple Complex Mood Tonic (360 tablets) – Proven, effective natural remedy to Optimize the Nervous System, Reduce Anxiety and Lift Mood

Mens-Reduce (50ml) – Natural Remedy for Heavy Menstrual Flow & Menorrhagia

Mom’s Magic Trauma Sprinkles (20g) – Natural Remedy for Children for Soothing Crying, Shock and Upset

Natural Moves (60 caps) – Herbal Remedy for Natural Relief from Constipation

N-Con Tonic – Natural Remedy for Weak Bladder and Incontinence

Triple Complex Nerve Tonic (360 tablets) – Proven, safe natural remedy for Anxiety Attacks and to Soothe Levels of Anxiety

Naughty Nits Hair Oil (60ml) – Natural Formula to Loosen and Remove Hair Nits

Naughty Nits Spritzer (100ml) – Natural Formula to Protect Children During Lice Epidemics

Naughty Nits Shampoo (50g) – Natural Formula to Eradicate Lice and Nits from Hair

Nail-Rx (12ml) – Natural Remedy for Nail Fungal Infections

Triple Complex NicoTonic (360 tablets) – Proven, safe natural remedy for Withdrawal from Addictive Drugs and Nicotine

Pure-Clenz Solution (50ml) – Natural Formula to Cleanse Wounds and Facilitate Healing

Pure-Heal Gel – Natural Formula for Wounds, Burns, Abrasions and Insect Bites

Prostate Dr. (50ml) – Herbal Formula for BPH and Prostate

ReGrow Plus (50ml) for Hairloss and Healthy Hair

ReGrow Massage Oil (50ml) for Hair Regrowth and Healthy Hair

RealHeal Tablets – to Relieve Pain and Promote Healing

RealHeal Massage Oil (50ml) for Relieving Pain and Promoting Healing

The Calm Within – Relaxation and Visualization CD

Rx-Hale (60 caps) for Nicotine Withdrawal to Stop Smoking

SciatiGon (50ml) – Natural Remedy for Neuralgia and Sciatica

Skin Dr. – Natural Remedy for Skin Disorders, Eczema and Psoriasis

Serenite Jr.(50ml) – Herbal Formula for Child and Teen Sleep Disorders and Insomnia

SerenitePlus (50ml) – Natural, Safe, Non-Addictive Solution for Insomnia

SOS HistaDrops (50ml) – Natural Remedy for Quick Relief from Allergies

Triple Complex Sleep Tonic (360 tablets) – Proven, safe natural remedy to help the body relax and produce all hormones essential for Healthy Sleep

Triple Complex Slimmer’s Assist (360 tablets) – Proven, safe natural remedy to improve Breakdown of Dietary Fat and Metabolism for Weightloss

Serenite-LT Tablets – Natural Long Term Solution for Insomnia

Sniffly Sprinkles (20g) – Natural Remedy to Keep Children’s Noses Clear, Chests Open & Breathing Easy

StudyPlus (60 caps) – Natural herbal formula to Boost Brain Power and Improve Memory and Concentration

Tula Tantrum Tamer – Homeopathic Formula for Child Tantrums

TeenSlim (50ml) – Natural Formula for Teen Weight Loss, Maintenance and System Cleansing

Thanda Passion Booster (60 caps) – Herbal Formula for Sexual Performace and Enhanced Female Libido

Thyroid Assist (50ml) – Nature’s treatment for Healthy Thyroid and Hypothyroidism

ThyroSoothe (50ml) for Hyperthyroid and Overactive Thyroids

TinnaRex (50ml) – Natural Remedy for Relieving Tinnitus

Throat & Tonsil Dr. – Natural Remedy for Throat and Tonsil Infections

Tummy Trumbles (50ml) – Tummy Tonic for Children’s Healthy Bowel Activity

Femalite (50ml) – Herbal Formula for PMS

EcoSlim Slimming Drops (50ml) – Safe, natural herbal formula to help lose weight without the side effects of diet pills for Weightloss

UTI-Clear (50ml) for Cystitis, Bladder and UTI Urinary Tract Infections

Triple Complex UT Tonic – Proven, safe, natural remedy for Bladder and Urinary Tract Infections

Vizu-All Plus (50ml) – Natural Remedy for Diabetic Eye Problems and Healthy Eyes

Worm Dr. (50ml) – Natural Remedy to Eradicate Intestinal Worms