Are Harnesses Safe for Rabbits?

The choice of pet animal will get differ person to person and much loved pet animals are dog, rabbit, cat, birds, horse, fish, guinea pig and much more. When people are in a sad situation, if they spend some time with their happy home pets, then their sorrow will get vanish. If you are a pet lover of rabbit and you wanted to give some exercise or a small walk to change the same scenery. In case, your pet has enough space to run here and there, then it acts as an exercise for the pet. Even you can take your pet along with you whFen you go for a walk and it may be either in the morning or in the evening. It is damn sure that you will enjoy the time at the time of walking.

Get a leash to handle the pet ease

Are Harnesses Safe for Rabbits?

You might have a question on how to take your rabbit outside for a walk. The easiest way to take your pet outside that too in a safe way is to wear a harness. When you leash your pet then it won’t be getting any way to run away from you. Even though many leashes available the best option for the rabbit is Harness-style. The best rabbit harness does not make injury and it makes the pet keep in comfort way. Never go for the choice of collar leashes as it can easily slip out of it and might be in danger by injured. Harness type leash can found out either in a local pet store or online market. This style of leash can help the owner to keep a pet in control.

After you bought a new leash, be conscious while wearing on it. It should be fit properly otherwise, it might be a danger for your rabbit. If it is tight, it cannot walk properly and if it is loose there is a chance of running out from the harness. While wearing a harness to it, do not be rough as it may get feared. Hold it very gently by sitting near to it and at the same time hold in a way that should not escape from you. This will lead to giving some good vibes to the rabbit.

Train your rabbit to get habituated for a walk

Are Harnesses Safe for Rabbits?

Wearing a harness is a new experience for it if this is the first time. It will take some time to make the rabbit feel comfortable. Give some time to the pet as it maybe gets used to feel good with the harness. Once the pet habituated to it then you can take it for a walk to get some fun. If you feel that the pet does not habituate then take off and wear it later. Continue to do this until the rabbit gets comfortable when wearing it.

Even after some days, if you feel that the rabbit is not habituated to it then you can take it to leash training classes. Clubs or societies related to the rabbit will be offering the training classes. They will be given some complete details when you are in need of only instructions otherwise there itself your rabbit will be trained to walk and run with leashes. It won’t be hurt as those people are well trained to train the rabbit with leashes. When your pet feels comfortable then make it walk on your home itself. Give some practice as it never been on the outside. Without any practice, if you take outside the rabbit might be scared.

Take the rabbit for a walk

Are Harnesses Safe for Rabbits?

Find out some spots where the traffic is less and dogs are not there. If traffic is more the sound will be more than makes your pet fragile and the dogs will start barking when it sees your pet. Spot a place which is very peaceful and full of grass as it can help to act as a snack for your rabbit. Take your rabbit out for a walk on a regular basis. This small walk will make the rabbit get habituated to the outside places. Make sure you are not taking your rabbit for a long-distance walk initially. In the beginning, take only for a short walk. After some days increase the distance slowly, do not make it suddenly that will harm your rabbit. Do not change the walking place regularly, just go for the regular place as your pet is very familiar to it.

If it takes a longer period to get used to the short distance walk do not bother about it. Try to follow your pet, avoid taking lead over your rabbit and try not to pull it while going for a walk. Pull or pick up your pet only if it seems to be a move towards danger. You have to be patient while going for a walk as the rabbits move slowly.

Some of the Best Rabbit Harness are as follows

Are Harnesses Safe for Rabbits?

MEWTOGO Adjustable Bunny Harness- It helps to hold your bunny perfectly which helps to prevent your rabbit from slipping out. The velcro made security by a clip around the neck. The stretchable leash helps to pull the pet without hurting it and makes more comfortable.

Niteangel Adjustable Soft Harness with Elastic Leash for Rabbits- The material used in this harness gives the rabbit more comfort. There is no need for removing it while not going for a walk. Even if it wore the harness won’t give discomfort. The velcro attaches very strongly and lasts for a long time. This is available in different sizes, you can even purchase for the adult rabbits.

Calunce Soft Rabbits Harness with Leash- It is made of nylon and this harness comes along with the soft padding and it creates the environment of happy home pets. This leash also lasts for a long time and durable because of it made with nylon. Soft padding helps the pet comfortable at the time wearing. It can be adjustable at both the chest and stomach. It’s so flexible and the elastic leash is up to 120cm.

It is better to opt for a harness leash as it makes your pet comfortable when you go for a walk or wear it. You can buy these products even in the online website, where you can find out a number of varieties.